Frantzeska Papadopoulou

Frantzeska Papadopoulou is since 2020  the head of the IP Group and together with Professor Eleonora Rosati are the directors of the masters programmet in European Intellectual Property Law. She  isalso the course director of the mandatory course in IP (Civilrätt B 7,5 hp) as well as of the specialized course Media Law (15 hp).

Frantzeska is a member of the Law Faculty’s Research Council and the equality representative in the Law Faculty. She is also one of the founders of the Stockholm IP Law Review and the chair of its board of directors.

During the past few years she has been engaged into two research projects. The first one concerns regulatory rights and how these complement and complicate traditional IP rights in the field of pharmaceutical products. The research results of the project are published the book “Evergreening Patent Exclusivity in Pharmaceutical Products” published by Hart (21-10-2021).

Furthermore, she has participated in an interdisciplinary research project financed by Riksbankens Jubileumsfond concerning issue of women representation in Swedish film, the role women have played in film history, their role and participation in film productions, the way they have claimed and managed their intellectual property rights and the way they have in fact influenced the content and style of Swedish films. The project analyzes instances where women in film culture have acted for change and identify political, social, legal, economic and cultural conditions that have circumscribed women’s work. The main contribution of the project is its multi-disciplinary approach which enables a discussion of links between women filmmakers, their working conditions, the films produced and how they enter the public sphere.

The results of this research project will be published in a book by Bloomsburry (est. publishing date 1st of March 2022), as well as in a book published by Edward Elgar (est. publishing date 1st of June 2022).