About the Program

Intellectual Property has long been an international subject and has recently grown tremendously in prominence, with technology pushing and breaking boundaries as never before. The one-year Master programme in European Intellectual Property Law (EIPL) was set up in year 2000, and has since reached true international recognition.

Structure of the Program

European Intellectual Property Law is a one-year programme.

Module 1:

The first course is the Advanced IP course a mandatory course of 15 ECTS in which students are introduced in all intellectual property rights and have the possibility to discuss current legislative developments and case-law.

After completion of this mandatory course, students are able to choose between two elective courses:

Module 2:

The elective courses give the possibility to further specialization. Each course is 15 ECTS:

  • Industrial Property Law with Patents & Trade Marks
  • Copyright Law & Transborder IP Conflicts.

Module 3

In the second term of the programme, students are required to write a masters thesis. Module 3 (30 ECTS), consists of lectures and seminars in legal methodology, as well as a number of mandatory group and individual supervision sessions.

The Master programme consists of the following courses: